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v. 2 Someday we'll find it the rainbow connection

the lovers, the dreamers, and me。❤

❘❙ ❚ iconfu。
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【 what is "iconfu"? 】
Hello and welcome to treat's little icon community of simple textless icon paradise.

Nothing too spectacular here, except the occasional crack edits. Please enjoy your stay!

Be sure to check the tags & watch the community to request icons!

【 rules & credit 】
o1. Please credit all icons as treat or iconfu in the comments part of your icon.

o2. Do not alter icons without my permission (feel free to ask).

o3. Textless icons are NOT bases unless otherwise noted.

o4. If you're going to use my graphics/icons outside of LJ, just leave me a note.

o5. Have fun!

【 affiliates 】

Please comment here to affiliate!
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